Willis For President was established from a dream of helping dogs in 2012. He was a real dog with a huge heart and a love for all other dogs and animals. The birth of the company began in Washington Square Park, New York City where Willis had his first experience giving away treats to dogs that had no home or food to eat. This raised an important question- what more could Willis do to impact the lives of dogs who need help? After continuing to take home baked treats to shelters throughout the tri-state area;  he saw many dogs were living their lives waiting for forever homes without the comfort of a bed to lay their heads.... And so began the idea that "EVERY DOG DESERVES A BED". The mission began on a campaign to produce these beds in an ethical responsible way with less of a carbon footprint using recycled t-shirts to insure that no two beds are alike, and all beds are handcrafted with love from start to finish always in  the USA.

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